All Chiswick puppies grow up in a family environment. From the very start of their little lives they are handled by our children thereby giving the puppies a well balanced, rounded and socialized start. All puppies are introduced into the house and some, we have been told, have even gone to their new homes partially house trained! (not guaranteed)

Chiswick Boxers is a young kennel in terms of our breeding programme, but our involvement with Boxers spans some 17 years. Chiswick Boxers originated in West London in the UK, where in the town of Chiswick we bought our first Boxer, Gus. We brought Gus to South Africa with us in 1992, thereby starting our involvement with the South African Boxer. Although we never bred with our imported UK Male, our breeding started with the S.A. Boxer.

We very much liked the UK Witherford line which Monique Hodgkinson of Tanyati Boxers had brought into the country, and we decided early on that we wanted to move in that direction. It takes some years to get started, especially if you are serious about doing it correctly. You first have to learn about the breed and what is happening to it in your country and around the world. Health testing and careful selection of breeding is of utmost importance.

We have all of our Boxers health tested before we breed with them by means of an Echocardiography (Echo Doppler) test of their hearts to verify that they are clear of any congenital cardiac disease or myocardial pathology.

In addition we X-Ray their hips so that we are aware of their hip dysplasia status.


As per the Boxer Standard, the temperament of the Boxer is of utmost importance and we therefore only use Boxers in our breeding program that have exceptional temperaments.